best headphones for podcasting

Best headphones for podcasting [Under 5000 rupees]

In this list, I have showcased the best headphones for podcasting under 5,000. There are a variety of headphones out in the market but I picked the best ones with good design, comfort, and audio experience.

Zebronics Zeb-Thunder for under 1,000


The design of Zebronics Zeb – Thunder looks premium and is comfortable with soft cushioning for ears and head.

Sound quality

The sound quality in this segment is on point and produces the best sound quality for this price. 


Zebronics Zeb – Thunder gives 9 hours of battery backup and it takes 2 hours to fully charge and has a Micro USB port to charge.

Ports and connectivity 

Zebronics have given Bluetooth connectivity and an AUX port.

Boat 550 Under 2,000


Boat 550 has a great camo design with a wide range of color themes and it’s very comfortable to wear for long hours thanks to its soft cushioning for the ears and head and they feel premium. 

Audio Quality

It has physical noise isolation technology that adds up to the blissful audio experience and with balanced bass with great highs and lows, you can listen to human vocals clearly, It’s the best-sounding headphones in this price range.


Boat 550 has a 500mAh battery with 20 hours of backup

Ports and connectivity

Boat 550 is equipped with the latest Bluetooth v5.0 and AUX port. You also Activate voice assistant with one click and are fitted with a Type C charging port.

Boat 650 for under 3,000


Boat 650 has an ergonomic design and looks and feels premium. 

Audio quality

Boat 650 provides crisp and clear audio with good vocals and great highs and lows and the bass are soothing.  I prefer the Signature mode over the balanced mode.


Its super powerful 1000mAh battery provides a huge playtime of up to 60 hours for an extended audio bliss.

With Boat’s fast charge technology it gets up to 8 hours of battery backup in just 10 minutes.

Ports and connectivity

Add and is fitted with a Type C charging port.

Boat 751 ANC for Rs.4000


Boat 751 ANC has a premium design with high-quality plastic and has big cushioning for a more comfortable experience. 

Audio quality

Boat 751 ANC is the only headphone with the Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation(ANC (Up to 33dB ANC that cancels out more than 50% noise ) in the price range and has great speakers and bass with 40mm Drivers


Boat 751 gives battery backup of 65 hours without ANC and 54 with ANC and takes 1 hour to full charge and with just 10 minutes of charge, it gives a battery backup of 10 hours thanks to its fast charging technology

Ports and connectivity

Boat 751 ANC  is equipped with the latest Bluetooth v5.0 and AUX port. You also Activate voice assistant with one click and are fitted with a Type C charging port.

Headphones under 5000

Ehhhh, There aren’t any good headphones here as they are being beat my Boats low segment, We have to wait till boat launches the market dominator for Rs.5000 range.


These were the best headphones from Rs.1000 to Rs.5000, If you think I only researched Boat, lol, No I compared its many other brands and brought to you the best once, Boat has been a segment killer in a good way, They dominate the market with their products. 

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