why do podcasters wear headphones

why do podcasters wear headphones? [ how helpful is it for podcasters]

Podcasters wear headphones for better sound quality while speaking and also hearing themselves and the other person while recording the podcast, These helps them monitor the audio and get real-time audio feedback.

Audio quality

Headphones eliminate other unnecessary sounds and allow the speaker to concentrate on his voice and also capture it without any noise and when needed they can change the settings or mic position.

Monitoring audio 

podcast monitoring

Podcasters need headphones during output and input from each other. Monitoring audio is important for audio quality and monitoring the audio, it can save you from audio failure and help you get the clean and crisp audio you want and this helps podcasters be free from bad mic position, Microphone failures, and bad settings for the environment.

Headphones allow the speakers to hear his/her voice as is being heard by the microphone and it will be listened to by the audience. This way you will be able to adjust the distance from the microphone and speaking manner to project your voice the way you want it to be heard.

Ease in Editing 

podcast editing

It is way easier to edit the audio captured on a headphone than without it, as it gives you the right highs and lows that can be heard clearly on a headphone.

Also, headphones will help you get better audio and less editing that low sound due to bad microphone placement or it will make you aware of low battery and other failures.


Headphones make a speaker aware of extraneous sounds they may be unaware of, for example, rattling paper or patting the foot and other unwanted noises and it will give you real time feedback of what is recording and it will help you get that consistent crisp and clear audio for a better audio experience for your listeners. 

Comfort for speakers

Headphones make pauses obvious and make it comfortable for the speakers and guests and also it can bring them into the podcast flow and be aware of the podcast is being recorded as the headphones gives you that feel and an active sense.

And obviously how can a podcaster record a podcast without headphones as it’s the most essential and important gadget that adds in podcast production and editing.

Professional look and feel

Professional look and feel on podcast

When you wear headphones on podcasts you feel that you are in a podcast, there’s the feeling of professionalism and awareness of being Infront of an audience getting your voice and video being recorded.


At the end of the day headphones are the backbone of a podcast that helps you get real-time feedback, Blurout unnecessary background noise, Monitor audio quality, Gives a professional look and feel, and helps to edit the podcast and invest into good headphones will contribute towards your podcast quality.

Why do podcasters use headphones?

It helps them to get better quality, prospective, audio monitoring, looking professional and being comfortable

Which headphones are best for podcasts?

I prefer headphones with external Microphones, these are best for podcasting

Can you use wireless headphones for podcasting?

Yes, wireless headphones can be used for podcasting

Can you record a podcast with a headset?

yes, you can connect your headset to your pc and select audio from the headset.

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