can you make money with podcast

Can you make money with podcasting? [8 ways you can do so]

In podcasting, you have a lot of revenue-generating opportunities for individuals and businesses 

We are doing to see all the money earning possibilities if you have a podcast or want to start a podcast and want to know about the earning.

Can you make money with podcasting? Yes and here are in the different ways in order

1) Premium content 

premium content

Premium content is the insider content that can be accessed only by paying a fee to join the premium group/VIP group

There are platforms like:

• Patreon

• super cast

• tag mango

2) Sponsorship/Ads


Sponsorships are a great way to earn money by promoting others products and services

You can either reach out to companies or companies may reach you out and also you can find sponsors on platforms like

3) Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing - can you make money with podcasting

Affiliate marketing is very scalable and can be a passive income for you 

You can promote products and also services and earn a percentage of the commission 

There are e-commerce sites, course sellers, and other websites which offer a commission

People promote products that are related to their podcast  

4) Ecommerce Products


You can sell your branded Merchandise and other custom made products with your designs and logo on an e-commerce site 

You can redirect traffic/podcast listeners to your e-commerce store 

Long term

5) Consulting business


You can consult people and businesses who need your help based on your expertise 

You can do 3 hours consulting or 30 minutes and

You can do 1 on 1 Or group consulting with multiple people at one time 

You can use scheduling software like :

Calendly to schedule


Integrate it with PayPal/ razor pay/ Instamojo for payment

And also Zapier

6) Creating your courses 

You can sell courses with your podcast by creating a personal brand of you and creating awareness 

Selling courses is profitable and creates an impact on others as it helps them gain knowledge 

7) Become a speaker

public speaker

Public speaker and also Virtual zoom events speaker 

You become a public speaker and charge for speaking offline and online 

8 )Lead generation

lead generation

Lead magnet –  do eBooks to add them in the list and sell then webinars for,

Targeted Traffic – send traffic with podcast and also Facebook ads 

With the help of a podcast, you can drive traffic to your website blog, landing pages, etc which can help you a lot 

Sales Funnel

You can build a strong funnel by driving traffic from your podcast to your landing page 

You must have google tracking code and Facebook pixels installed on the landing page 

Also, you can add people to your email list to nurture and sell your products and services 

From redirecting to selling people something is a funnel.

 first, you need to bring them on the landing page then add them to email list by providing a freebie or lead magnet, once you get them into your email list you can sell them

also adding a timer on the page helps to convert better 

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Let me know your thoughts on this one, looking forward to it 😉

how to make money with podcast

1. selling premium content
2. sponsorships
3. affiliate marketing
4. eCommerce
5. consultation
6. become a speaker
7. lead generation for business

how to make money on anchor podcast

You can use anchors sponsorships and you can use it if you live in an eligible country and also the ways mentioned above

how to make money as a life coach podcast

You can promote your programs, consultation, and speeches and earn money with podcast

how to make money with a sports podcast

sports podcasts can earn with sponsorships, affiliate marketing, selling sports products (e-commerce) etc

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