why are podcats free

why are podcasts free to listen to? [ 3 ways how podcasters earn money]

Are there free podcasts? The answer is yes, almost all the podcasts hosted online are completely free, you just have to signup into the application you want to listen

There are millions of podcasts out there with different topics , niches, languages and etc

To listen to podcast

1) sign up in a podcast app like apple podcast etc
2) search for the niche/name of the podcast
3) click on the podcast Channel and listen

Why are podcasts free to listen to?
Podcasts are similar like YouTube, you don’t have to pay to watch video and like wise for podcast.

The reason podcasts are free to listen

1) the creators get what he wants like – exposure, money, fame etc
2) Sponsors


the sponsors place ads In the podcast episodes and creators get paid when people listen to podcast episodes.

3) Grow Business

podcasters use the podcast listeners traffic to grow Their own Businesses

Here is an article on different costs for starting a podcast

Is there any possibility of paid podcast?

Yes, there may be paid podcasts which can be accessed only after paying a fee and getting into the vip or insider list

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