what is the purpose of podcast

What is the purpose of a podcast?[ 5 Best purposes of podcast]

Podcasts are audio content that creator, host, and business owners do either solo or with guests offline or online

What is the purpose of a podcast?

The main purpose of a podcasts depends on person to person, somewhat be known (build the personal brand), share stories, some want to inspire, educate others and grow their businesses

All together each person how a motive for his podcast

Personal Branding

personal brand

What is a personal brand?

A personal brand is positioning yourself as a brand and expert at a particular thing or in a niche.

People want to be known to build their influence, grow their fans, build businesses, and a lot more other purposes.

To build a personal brand you need to be active on platforms and create content,

Personal branding sources

  • Website
  • Podcast
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • And other social media platforms

Podcast being one of the methods to build a personal brand with its unique feature and audience,

I started my podcast for building my brand which I can utilize for business

This is one of the reasons people do a podcast or one of the purposes.

There are others which we are going to look now

Inspire and motivate

inspire people

There are a lot of successful inspiring people out there in this world who can inspire and motivate people across the world with the help of a podcast

There are 2 types of people who do it

Solo – A solo podcaster shares his success on podcast episodes inspiring and motivating people through his/her personal experience and learnings through his/her journey

Interview type – There is the main host who shows up with guests/people to whom he interviews, asks questions from them, know them, asks their experiences which combine into a podcast episode available for millions of people out there


educate people

A lot of people love to teach their learnings and experiences to their audience or people who are interested in a particular subject

There are a lot of solo as well as Interview type as well as both combined podcasts which can be a great source for people to learn when they are commuting or while doing exercise or while having free time

Share stories


The world is filled with billions of people who have unique stories to tell the world from Entertaining to Educations there are hundreds of different topics people share their stories and personal experiences

For example. I m a huge car guy, I watch a podcast called VINwiki, the hosts bring in people who have stories to share related to cars or driving experiences from buying the wrong car, pulled over by copes, making the movie seen, and every single thing related to cars

there storytelling podcasts for every single thing where people share their experiences

Build Business

Now we come to my favorite, using podcasts to build businesses, there are a lot of companies, businesses, brands who are doing a podcast to build their presence in the world and grow their business by promoting their products and services

These are some of the purposes people start podcasts and there are much more purposes than we can imagine as there is no rule in podcasting

Do let me know your purpose for your podcasts or your upcoming podcast

Here is a article on Best 5 reasons to start a podcast – https://guidepodcasting.com/5-reasons-to-start-a-podcast/

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