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5 Best Reasons to start a podcast [completely worth it 2021]

Podcasting is becoming more and more popular as it’s revolutionizing Radio, It like Radio is coming back to the world who taught radio will a big thing and it will come back.

In this Growing world where digital things are growing fast, people are using the internet in everyday life and use it as a medium of information gaining and learning mostly while exercising or commuting, or driving a car

and here are the 4 best reasons to start a podcast in 2021 and beyond

The growing Digital World

In the being of the digital media radio was the first thing human many centuries back listen and it was a source of entertainment, it was even there when T.V revolution came,

After the TV. everything was shifted towards video and videos are still dominating the market. But now slowly as we see Audio is becoming popular and we see a trend coming.

Remember those days when radio was the only digital source for entertainment. Maybe you didn’t see the radio time but getting a chance to be on Radio was Big think that time.

And lowly with time past people have forgotten radio but when you are in the car that is the only time people turn it on. Before the T.V and YouTube era, we used to have those FM radios and cassette radio and the modern ones with CD. those days were of listening to music and enjoying with family but then tv came in and now It’s the streaming platforms amazon prime, Netflix and a lot and also without forgetting the Main platform who is the father of all this, YouTube

YouTube brought the trend of videos, people loved watching videos as they got to see the real things happing in front of the screen unlike Radio: HOST – Mr. so and so go for the six and well as see a SIX!!!!!!!!!!! But only the host saw and the audience heard it =).

As the time of the video is going on, we see a trend of audio coming in but the trend of videos is not even stopping. Its growing faster every single day and we are about to see double or triple as of now more mobile users in 2025 and this can be one of the top reasons to start a podcast

An increasing number of Internet users day by day

mobile podcast

As more and more Internet users are increasing, the consumption of videos and lately audio is becoming enormously higher and higher, and what’s increasing the audio content consumption other than mobiles are the smart devices. Ever heard of amazon echo or google echo or other voice command devices? Maybe you have. Also, no every brand is developing smart devices for its increasing users.

In the coming year’s people are going to consume a majority of the podcast on smart devices, and now every car has started coming with a smart infotainment system or apple car play where most of the like-minded, as well as passionate people, listen to podcasts will commuting to work or back home, and also increasing number of mobiles users day by day is one of the best reason to start a podcast on topics you are interest, want to share knowledge and wisdom

People consume audio content during exercise

Who doesn’t like listen to audio music in the morning exercise or working walk but now podcasts have come and they can improve peoples lives, people are shifting from entertainment content to valuable content which can help them in life and this can be one the reasons to start a podcast

People consume podcast while commuting

reasons to start a podcast

People love to do something when they are commuting to work and save the time which they would have wasted otherwise

People listen to their favorite podcasts while commuting to work and while coming home, some People love to grow them self by listening to personal development or career related podcasts which provide immense value and while commuting is the best time people prefer listening too.

Listening to valuable podcasts can really bring in change in your life.

Best thing about podcast is you don’t have to be the trained person like radio companies used to have nor you need those radio, or antenna, big tower and No expensive tools and accessories

You can start you podcast right Now without many investments with only your mobile. Does this sound unrealistic? But it’s the truth. With anchor start your podcast toddy and distribute it to all audio platforms like apple podcast, sportify, google podcast and hell lot of other platforms.

In the beginning you can start with no equipment’s but slowly as you start getting those new Listeners you can invest in a Good mic and other things if needed like a condenser if you are going Interview format podcast but You still do everything with your mobiles of now

wide monetization options

monetize podcast

As the trend is increasing more and more people are join it every single day, and the monetization option is available in US but it will be available in other countries to as time passes. But when it come and huge number of people who never thought of started a podcast will join as the opportunities will be coming like sponsors episode where you can earn money like YouTube. NOW is the prime time to start a podcast as its very similar to YouTube couple of years back YouTube started similarly with no monetization and then when it had people started making videos and started making and living out of it and now the competition is hight

Here is an article on Different type of podcast advertisement and how it works

We are about see a similar situation soon in the upcoming time the competition will start. So, become that joining the Game early will help in standing out and building an authority. The opportunities will be high for egg Joe Rogan had been offered 250 million dollars to put his podcasts on Sportify. the amount of money we can’t calculate this happened because Joe started his podcast very early and learnt to the way up and now, he is one of the top successful people in podcasting field and each and every person thinks of him when podcasting comes in mind because he has dominated Podcasting.

What if you can get at least one percent of that. Isn’t that going to help you and your family? In my opinion it will be a great source of passive income and a lot of fun in producing awesome episodes. I would like to interview successful people and learn from them, what would you like to do in podcasting field?

You can do each and everything you like as there are people in every niche/interest. There will be sponsors and listeners or If you have a business, you can start a podcast around that and start creating more awareness for your business and also authority with those you will get huge life time opportunities.

There are many CEO’s and founders who have done it and got amazing results for them and their businesses. Being early in podcasting will give you that extra advantage which people starting in a year o two will not have! are you getting my point? I heard yes in your mind 😉 

So, go out there and start your podcast a start building your personal brand or your business brand and gain more opportunities.

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