what are content ideas for podcasting

What are content Ideas for Podcasting?[3 best methods]

There are a lot of ways you can create content which we are going to discuss here and also, I will be sharing a great idea that will help you a lot in creating content for podcasting.

Podcasting is all about adding value in other people’s life, you need to know what type of content will help your audience and also others who want to learn in that particular niche or subject

now will look into, what are content Ideas for Podcasting?

what are content ideas for podcasting, Forums – Quora, and Reddit.

what are content ideas for podcasting

The forum sites like Quora and Reddit are Gold for content creators as you will see what people are looking for and get a lot of Content ideas.

You can join in groups related to your niche and leverage it to get ideas for podcasting

You can also promote your podcast through this channel by answering people’s queries.

YouTube and Instagram

get podcast ideas from youtube and instagram

There are people creating content on these platforms through which you can get a lot of ideas and also you can go through comments because people will be asking questions which are a great way to create content specially to talk in a podcast and see What are content Ideas for Podcasting you think will work great!

You will know what your audience want, so start with that content and create it.

Research content

There are different tools which can help you research content like Ubersuggest, ahrefs, google trends, answer the public etc

You can type in your niche/topics in the search section in the tools and press enter

You will get a lot of ideas with the data like how many people are searching for it which is very helpful because you won’t be wasting time searching for ideas and most importantly bad topics which have very low or no search queries, so the keyword research tools are also one of the things which you can use to get podcast ideas.

Do Free consultation

This is a great idea to never run out of content.

You can put an Calendly link in your social media profiles, Website which will get people to you to ask their queries to you so that you can solve it with your knowledge.

This will build you more authority and trust with your audience and will help you create content.

here is an article on all about Podcast advertisement and how it works

I hope this really helped you, and if it did then do share it with the one who needs to read this and comment on your favorite point.

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