all you need to know about podcast advertisement

All You Need to Know About Podcast Advertisement

Advertising is there where there are people, there are different types of ads in the podcast. If you are a podcast creator, business owner, or individual interested in the podcast, This Article is for you to know how podcast advertisement works and you can monetize your podcast

Let’s get into all you need to know about podcast ads

how podcast advertisement works

As the term goes this way “where there are people there are opportunities for both creators as well as business owners or companies

Because almost all platforms like anchor etc and its creators rely on Advertising for getting paid by businesses to advertise so that they can create more awareness and generates sales in the long run

This is beneficial for both companies/businesses get more awareness and leads for the exchange of money which is paid to the platform or the creator

Now will look into different types of podcast advertisements

Different types of Podcast Advertisements

There are three types of Ad placements which one can add in a podcast episode

Pre-roll: Advertisement placed in the beginning of the podcast episode.

Mid-roll: Advertisement placed in the Middle of the podcast episode (You can add more than one advertisement).

End-roll: Advertisement placed in the ending of the podcast episode.

So, there are different amounts which is charged for different places advertisement.

The highest amount is the pre roll advertisement ad the lowest is the end roll                                                       

how a Business can advertise or how a Creator get paid by advertisers(businesses)

how to advertise and get paid

how as a business can approach for podcast advertising on podcasts.

Start with researching the podcasts related to your business or where your potential customers are listening, you can tap into them with podcast advertisements.

After you found podcast shows where you want put your ad, you can reach out them via email and tell them about your business and tell you want to sponsor their podcast show

Tell them where you want the ad to be placed. Is it pre-roll, mid-roll, end roll?

And ask them the prices

If you are complexly new to this, use your competitors for inspiration

Now let’s sum up in order

1) Look for a podcast which is related to your business or your brand, where your potential customers are listening.

2) Decide where you want to place the podcast advertisement

3) Reach out to them and tell them that you want to sponsor/ want to put ad in their podcast episodes

4) Ask for the prices for different ad placement and a lot a budget you want to spend

Place multiple ads in different small podcast then 1 advertisement then 1 ad in a big podcast

Because the cost varies based on the size of the podcast and its listeners.

How as a podcast creator you can get sponsors to your podcast?

There are different revenue sources for podcast creators from those sponsors and listens are 2 top revenue sources

The revenue from listeners is similar to the AdSense on YouTube,

The platform adds advertisement on your podcast and pays you based on number of listens where both the platform as well as the creator gets paid unlike sponsors on a podcast where only the creator gets paid

I hope you can understand, it’s a quite similar model like YouTube

On YouTube sponsors pay based on the number of subscribers and on podcast its based-on number of average listeners per month

The more audience you have, the more get paid

here is a article on how to start a podcast it will help you understand how podcasting works

How you can reach out to sponsors?

You can research businesses in your niche and can relate to your podcast.

Reach out to them via email or call and ask them if they want to sponsor your podcast show

Before you ask them, first educate them about podcasts and how it can help brands like them

The more businesses you reach out, the higher chance of getting sponsors got podcast advertisement


Podcasting is a huge opportunity for businesses as well as podcast creators and every business and individual must tap into it as a lot of businesses are getting good ROI and it can build a huge brand awareness and can help you generate more revenue in the long run as podcasting is growing at a very fast pace and it’s a new mode of advertising and generating good revenue

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