What do podcasts cost?

What do podcasts cost? [whopping 5 hidden costs other than hosting]

The podcast has cost other than Podcast hosting but you can save some of it by doing it yourself, now let’s see the different costs including hosting, will see what do podcasts costs in real life


There are free as well as paid podcast hosting’s, I will be sharing the best once which I have tried and through my research

i) Free hosting 

Anchor is a free hosting that provides the necessary features and tools to start a blog as a beginner and is one of the best free podcast hosts a line-up

ii) Paid to host

Buzz sprout is the best-paid hosting with a lot of features and tools which free hosting doesn’t provide as is mostly used by people who want to podcast for the long term, business podcasts, and other important podcasts because you get a lot of features

Based on your needs and money to invest in it, choose the right one for you,

If you have no/less budget you can go with the free hosting which works great and when you grow your podcast to a level you feel to step up the game then you can always transfer it to the paid hosting which will be completely worth it

Now we come to other costs which may not be seen by many people who want to start a podcast, but you can do these tasks yourself if you have a low budget to invest.

Other costs included in a podcast, what do podcasts costs

2) What do podcasts cost – Logo

The first thing you need when starting a podcast is a Logo for your podcast. Which a person with some experience in graphic designing or it can be outsourced to a graphic designer on freelancing platforms like Fiverr (affiliate link) etc

3) intro of your podcast

The intro is the first thing that comes before an episode starts which you can script it and Record it yourself and add music and edit it or outsource it to a freelancer who does it, it’s one of the crucial investments in a podcast and also sometimes outro 

4) editor

To editing audio, you need audio editing software, there is audacity and search for a paid one.

You need it to edit the intro and outro and it will be much needed to edit every podcast episode you do and can be a great investment 

5) equipment’s

what do podcasts costs

Before you start recording your podcast you need the most important equipment the Mic and followed by the transmitter and other equipment based on the needs and the setup. Even if you are starting your podcast on mobile you must have a microphone as it improves the audio quality a lot compared to an inbuild mobile microphone

If you are doing a video podcast then you will need a good quality camera.

Investing in equipment’s can be One of the best investments in a podcast as it’s a backbone of a podcast

Pc or mobile, check out this article on podcast equipment – https://guidepodcasting.com/best-podcast-microphone-comfact-to-pro-mics/#comment-7

6) studio setup 

Studio set-up may not be a fully dedicated studio but you need a place where there is no echo for you will have to purchase foam, any foam either normal ones or set of designed foam to put on the wall, 

And if you are doing a video podcast you will need a background or elements if you want

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