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Best podcast microphone [6 compact to Pro mics]

Without a mic podcasting is incomplete, microphone in the heart of a podcast then comes the other equipment’s

While choosing the right mic for you will be based on different aspects, depending on you and your podcast

You will get all the info about the Solo and interview-type best podcast microphone

If you are a beginner who just started a podcast or what to start it here are the best microphones for podcasting you can look out for

Compact microphones (Mobile & pc mics)

If you want to start a podcast on your mobile or pc with a low budget then you have many options but here are the best microphones in that budget.

Boya microphones

Boya microphones are known for the quality in low budget Microphones and are widely used by Podcasters and YouTubers

There are 2 variants you can choose from, Boya mic M1 and M2

I used Boya mic m1 to record a podcast, it works fabulous on mobile and laptop and also supports other connectivity like 3.5mm port also comes with Dslr connector.

The Boya m1 has 2 connectivity option and it comes with a battery which you need to put while using the Boya mic with a Dslr camera

Boya m2

Boya M1 pro is upgraded and has more features than Boya M1, It is built similarly to Boya M1 and looks similar but It has 2 extra features which M1 doesn’t have

i) Db controller:

Boya M1 pro comes with a dB controller which has 2 options

One is 0db which is the same sensitivity as M1 and -10db which is an option to decrease the sensitivity/lower audio capture, it can be helped in case of noise reduction or not/less capturing unwanted noise from the background like bird’s noise, traffic noise, etc.


ii) it has a port where you can connect headphones to your Boya M1 pro so you can hear how the audio is working

Here is the difference between Boya M1 and M2

Boya M1 doesn’t have a dB option where you can switch from 0db to -10dB and also it does have a headphone connector port which Boya M1 pro has.

Boya is the best podcast microphone when it comes to budget compact mics

Costs: Boya M1 costs around $ 14 or 800/- Rs and M1 pro costs around $25 or 2000/- Rs

Rode Go wireless microphone

Rode Go is a wireless box-shaped mic that produces the best quality when it comes to compact, collar microphones

It has this feature

1)Comes with a wireless audio capture and audio transmitter

2)Build in batteries

3)Miniature size

Cost: Rode wireless go costs around $199 or 20,000/- Rs

Here is an article on How to start a podcast on mobile with the best tools and softwares

Full-size microphone

Maono podcast microphones

Maono microphone is a proper budget microphone for podcasters as it comes with a mic that captures apple shape area, comes with a noise remover, and a stand with some cables

It’s a complete package you get with Maono microphones, it comes it a Microphone, High-density wind muff (mic cover), shock mount, Pop filter and XLR to 3.55mm Cable

This microphone can be used with Pc, laptop and also mobile


  • Polar pattern: Cardioid (apple shape area)
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz – 16kHz
  • Sensitivity: -38dB +-3dB
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 70dB

Mostly used for Podcasting and music recording

Costs: There are many variants of Maono microphones starting from 40 dollars or 3,000 rupees and goes up

2) Samson

When it comes to Samson, it’s considered as the best microphone under $100 or in mid-range

It captures your voice very clear and is the best one in this price range

It can be used on pc, laptop and also mobile

Cost: Around $100 

Now we will look into High-quality microphones

Best podcast Microphone: High-quality pro microphones

1) Blue Yeti

Blue yeti is also a microphone most people use for their podcasts as Blue yeti is known for its crisp audio

Costs: costs around $150 or 10,000/- Rs

2) Shure microphones

Shure is the boss or number 1 when it comes to Microphones and is the professional microphone you can get, if money is not a issue here then Shure is the best podcast microphone

Here are 2 options of Shure SM7B and MV7

and Shure MV7

 You can go with this mic if you want world-class audio quality and one of the best microphones in the market

Joe Rogan the king of podcasting uses Shure SM7B as Shure provides the highest and the best quality at a price

The Shure V7 comes with an app where you can control a bunch of things like EQ, mic gains, and a lot and you can save your pre-sets

 Cost: Around $250 for Shure MV7 and $400 for Shure SM7B, also there are other costs related to it like the table arm, XLR cable, a Recorder or interface and also most Shure mic users prefer Cloud lifter, which may seem not much if you run a big podcast show or investing in it for long term

Here is the difference between Shure SM7B and MV7

You will also need a stand to mount this microphone

Here is an article that will take you to all the equipment’s needed in a podcast


This are some of the best podcast microphone or microphones you can buy for best buck for your money

If you are going for compact microphones, Boya and go mic will be best for you if you are starting out

Maono microphone is best for solo and especially for an interview type podcast and

Blue yeti and Shure are the highest quality microphones for any type of podcast, Shure is the king of audio quality

Buy any microphone best suits your needs and budget.

NOTE: You will need other things to run some Microphone like Cables, recorder/transmitter/interface, Stand, and even cloud lifter (only if you want more out of your microphone especially for Shure   

Thank you for reading till here, have a great podcasting day


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