how to record podcast remotely

how to record podcast remotely or while traveling [5 easy ways ]

There can be many situations where you will be to podcast remotely maybe while traveling or visiting a guest and at that time you won’t be having a studio to record

Or, when you have a podcast that runs your business, builds your brand, and people are eagerly waiting for new episodes and you love doing it then you don’t have to leave it behind when you are out of your house/ studio.

I’m going through different ways you can record your podcast when you are not at home or traveling.

So here are some tips on how to record podcast remotely

1) silent room at your knowns place  

podcast in room

When you are staying at others houses (Friends, family, and relatives or business partners)

You can record a podcast when you are at others’ homes, you just have to tell them not to disturb or make noise as you are recording a podcast episode or isolate yourself in a silent room.

  Mostly they will know you have a podcast and how it’s important for you and they will value it if they don’t them pack your bags and get out as soon as possible lol, I’m just joking 😉 or maybe not: I

Find a silent place or less noisy environment

Room with soft furniture’s like sofa and mattress

  • Bedroom
  • Living room

Or go close to the dressing room or wardrobe with cloths or for solo podcasters or go close to sound-absorbing objects like sofa, mattress, clothes, curtains

2) Record a time when no/less noise is present (night time)

podcast at silent place | how to record podcast remotely

Filming at the right time when no one is around in and outside your living space, avoid traffic, construction, people talking environment.

I record my podcast at night after 9 pm but I used to record it in the morning which you can do if there are no sounds of birds around, in my case in the morning session crows were the nightmare they used to be in every podcast episode until I noticed them 😉

So, film when there is no noise around you, the time will vary based on your environment.

3) Hotel room

podcast in hotel

The second option has the solution itself, continue reading.

Hotel Room – when you are traveling/need a quiet space you can book a hotel room nearest to you and record your podcast without any disturbance

4) Car

podcast in car

If you have your car or your knowns, you can go inside the car and record it, car is one of the best places that are soundproof because it has a sealed cabinet, soft seats, noise reduction that give you great audio quality when you are out of your normal podcast recording setup.

Park your car in the silent parking area and record, do not drive and record it can be dangerous

5) silent environment

podcast at night

A place that is silent and less crowded like a peaceful Garden or rooftop

Here are some sound absorbers you can look for

  • Car is the best one yet
  • Sofa
  • Pillows
  • Mattress
  • Curtains
  • Cloths
  • Dressing room
  • Basement
  • Inside a blanket
  • An open place with nothing around
  • A garden when there is no noise around

And if you know other things to add to the list do let me know in the comments and Hope these Tips help you get the best solution when you are far from your usual podcast setup.

how to record podcasts remotely for free?

you can record in a room maybe at night/morning, car, rooftop, garden. look for noise free environment

how to record remote podcast interviews

1) silent room at your knowns place
2) Record a time when no/less noise is present (night time)  
3) Hotel room
4) Car
5) silent environment

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